Thursday, October 27, 2016

An Autumn Table

          I am finally getting into autumn mode
         here but at the same time my mind is
          quickly wandering ahead to Christmas.

However, I am trying to hold
back and savor the moment.

                                                                              I love baby boo pumpkins
                                                                              for the autumn table.
The antique lantern works well
for my autumn table also.
                                I have had these dishes for a number of years
                                              now and I have several pieces of it. The only marking
                                                on them is Japan. I think they are  perfect for an autumn
table......don't you?

                  Warm and cozy colors of autumn.

Or maybe you prefer this teacup
for your autumn tea.


     I hope your week is going well
    and thank you for visiting me!


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Island Autumn

   With all the beautiful sunny warm days we
have enjoyed this autumn it was nice to
get out for some walks with my camera
in hand. 
There are beautiful trials to walk at Fort
Amherst so my daughter and I enjoyed
a nice long walk there one beautiful day
last week.

I think the autumn colors were at their
peak here on Prince Edward Island last week.

                                                                    Fort Amherst trail ~ Prince Edward Island.
                                                                      This shot was taken just up the
                                                                      road from our home.
                                                                 The opposite side of the road.
                                                                            You can see we live in farm country.

                                        One foggy morning last week ~ again taken a short
distance from our home.

                                                                        The golden glow of autumn.

I hope you are enjoying beautiful days

Thank you for your visit!