Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Boathouse


Hello everyone,
Hope your week is going well. 

I had planned to do this post from down south
        but I had internet issues there.  As you may know
this is the boat house          
 that my husband and son built a little over a
year ago. I have shown
bits and pieces but today I have more photos that I
haven't shown before. There are still some little 
touches to be done but I can show them later.
We used old windows and doors ,spindles and
some old wainscoting as well as a couple of old
barn beams. The posts on the porch were also 

                                                               I love how it reflects in the pond.
                                                 Some of you might remember that I got the old
                                                 door and the old iron bed at the 70 mile yard
                                                 sale last September ~ both for $20,
                                                   The little conservatory on the back faces
                                                    south and we used old french doors in
                                                    here.Although it is small I love it!
                                                              A small porch across the front
                                                              to sit and enjoy nature.
                                                          It has already had a few changes
                                                          as this was before the iron bed.
                                                          Andrew's grandfather was a carpenter
                                                          and this was his handmade ladder that
                                                         Andrew treasures.I kind of doubt that
                                                         either of them imagined it with linen
                                                         and lace!
                                                           The little nook is a cozy place
                                                           to enjoy the view or read a book.
                                                     It has an electric fireplace for ambiance.
                                          The loft is a favorite place for our grandchildren.

                                             This was the first year for this flower bed and
                                             it did well for a first season. We used soil
                                            from our own compost pile.

                                               I can't wait until we can sleep out here
                                      is such a peaceful retreat!
                              The view from the side so you can see the tiny
                                         conservatory and the nook for reading etc.

                                        There are still little finishing touches to be
                               know how I love to play house!
                                        Most people love to linger for a spell when
                                        they visit and some want to move right in...
                                       but alas I claim first dibs on it!!!

                                        I am sure you will see lots more photos of
                                        it this summer.
                                            I think Andrew and our son did a great job~
                                           don't you?

                                                                       Thank you for visiting,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's Tea Time and a Winner

                                                                        Hello everyone,

                                  It is good to be back for tea time again ~ missed a couple
                                  of weeks while we were away.
                                         This week I am sharing the Maritime Rose china by
                                         Copeland is so pretty!
                              This pattern is very old but not sure who it is made by.

                                        They look pretty together ~ I love to mix and match.

                                                      A beautiful old quilt from Timeworn Treasures
                                               A lovely Easter bonnet and pretty china ~ perfect!
                   We have another day or two with a painter in the house this week
                              and then I hope to finish up my indoor spring cleaning. I will
                              show you the changes when they are all done but some of the
                              painting is more to freshen up then dramatic changes ~ paint
                              colors seem to be harder to pick then they used to be!

                             Now for the winner of my new book/magazine.......
                             the winner is Podso  ~ congratulations!
                              Please send me your address and I will have it
                              shipped to you right away.
                              Thank you to all who entered!

                                                           The first  blooms in our spring garden are
                                                          finally coming!
                                                          It felt so good to get out and do some
                                                          raking and pruning etc. in the garden...
                                                          good things to come!!!

                                                          I am joining Tea Time Tuesday today
                                                          at Rose Chintz Cottage and
                                                           Tea with Friends at
                                                           Bernideen's Tea Time Blog.