Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunshine Yellow Garden Tea

                 Hello everyone,

               I hope you are enjoying a beautiful
          sunny weekend as we are here.

               This afternoon I set up for tea in the
               garden as it has warmed up here and
          all the spring bulbs are blooming.
                             The Hillside Garden is awash
                                            with color.....mainly a mix of daffodils.

There is no shortage of blooms
           for bouquets from now until October.

                           Sunny yellow china for our tea.

                            It is so nice to be able to have tea
     in the garden again.

An old garden chair holds
my bouquet of daffodils.

                        Well, I am off to enjoy a lazy afternoon
                   with a book and another cup of tea.

                   It is our Victoria Day weekend here so
                     I hope my fellow Canadians enjoy their
long weekend.

Take care,


Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Gardener's Cottage

        Hello everyone,

        It is a beautiful day here and I have been
working on sprucing up our little
Gardener's Cottage.
I painted the floor and gave the walls
a wash of white paint again to freshen
it up.

I made new curtains from sheer white
fabric that I had on hand as it was a
cheap thrift find. 
I had lace curtains on before that
covered the windows ~ they
blocked the view.

                                                                         The vanity has been here for
                                                                          a few years.

                                                               I have a few changes in mind so
                                                               I will do a better photo shoot later.

                                                 We have 26 people coming from Japan
                                                            tomorrow so we have been busy getting
                                                            everything done for the start of our new
                                                            season. As some of you probably remember
                                                            we have a summer business hosting hundreds
                                                            of Japanese visitors through Prince Edward Tours.
                                                            So along with our garden the Gardener's Cottage and
                                                            Boathouse are all scrubbed and shining!
                                                            Hoping it doesn't rain but if it does they come
                                                            well prepared with umbrellas.
                                                               I have a few painting projects left to do so I
                                                            better get back to work!

                                                                                           Take care,