Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Cheerful Tea

Hello everyone,

There is something about the cheerfulness
of yellow that I particularly enjoy in early
   spring . So, today it is a bright and cheerful
casual tea for me.

I have a small collection of enamelware in
various colors but today I am using my
butter yellow teapot and mug. 

     Love my cheerful daffodils!

A bright and cheerful bark cloth tablecloth
makes a pretty backdrop.

   And of course, flowers always
add lots of cheer.

                                           I hope you enjoy a bright and cheerful tea
                                                     break at some point in your day today!

                                                                         Thank you for visiting,


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In the Garden

               Hello everyone,

       We have been busy in the garden lately
but always enjoy the beauty of my
   surroundings and all the activity and
         song from the many birds in our garden.

It is such a beautiful time of
the year !

  I love peony tulips as they make quite
a statement in the spring garden.

     Our Boathouse in the background.

The forget me nots are filling in
the space between the daffodils
and tulips.

We had a lot of drizzle yesterday
but in the evening the sun popped
out for a bit as well giving us a
beautiful rainbow.

          The garden is filling in nicely and
              we have spread  compost over many
of the beds.

Fritillaria Meleagris or
Snakehead Fritillary makes
    a nice statement in the garden.

It is still early days in our garden but
soon it will be lilac season here.

                                                      It is a beautiful sunny day here today
                                                                 so you will find me in the garden!

                                                                                Enjoy your day!